I am Doctor Dae Yun Kim Doctor of Philosophy. Anointed Monk who completed 8 years of hermit, solitude, abstinent life as monk (Former Monk). Martial Arts U.S.A. Amateur Athletic Union ( AAU ) National Certified 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (Certified Master in Tae Kwon Do ).Martial Arts World Tae Kwon Do Academy/World Tae Kwon Do Headquarter Certified Black Belt( Certified INSTRUCTOR ).Missionary who was more than one hundred countries all over around World. Mountaineer.Ordained Minister

Western Maine America First

Welcome to Western Maine America First (WMAF). Here we share information that is pro-freedom, pro-free enterprise, pro-America First, etc. The admins are located in Western Maine and can be contacted at @wmaf@wmaf.mastohost. This instance can be used by anyone, but we reserve the right to suspend or silence anyone if necessary.