President Trump RIPS Never-Trumpers at CPAC, Including: “Warmonger” Liz Cheney, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, ‘Little’ Ben Sasse, Kinzinger, Gonzales, Murkowski, Cassidy, Toomey, etc (VIDEO)

Brittany Hall Perez died shortly after being vaccinated and changing her Facebook profile picture to read "Save Lives. Say YES to the vaccine."

Her Facebook page is here:

A GoFundMe for her two daughters is here:

For explanations of all of the craziness occurring in the world, watch the David Knight Show.

His website lists all of the platforms on which it can be watched.

The Ingraham Angle: "Fauci, other medical experts shift goalposts on return to normalcy"

We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April.

Covid cases have dropped 77% in six weeks. Experts should level with the public about the good news.

IGNORED BY THE MEDIA ELITES AND FBI: List of 20 Individuals at the Capitol on January 6th – All Appear to be Connected to Antifa or Far Left Groups

If you have problems with your Facebook posts (getting censored, you getting banned, etc.), it’s because of Fact Checkers.

To get rid of them, go to your Facebook settings, click on Blocking, and type in “Fact Checker.” Block every Fact Checker that pops up.

Critical Race Theory is being taught in many colleges and universities in America. It uses contemporary racism to attempt to rectify perceived historical racism.

Use the following site to determine where Critical Race Theory is being taught.

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