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Colleges Free to Discriminate with Impunity!

Biden DOJ Drops Race-Based Discrimination Case Against Yale Brought by Trump Administration

LIAR! AOC Was Not In the Capitol Dome Building – Embellished Her “Near Death Experience” Where Protesters Stormed Her Office (VIDEO)

Why ARE coronavirus cases plummeting? New infections have fallen 44% in the US and 30% globally in the past 3 weeks and experts say vaccine is NOT the main driver because only 8% of Americans and 13% people worldwide have received their first dose

Video Statement From Florida Governor:

"Lockdowns don't work;"

"Every Floridian has the right to earn a living. Florida is open, and we’ve got your back."

China's plan for anal swabs to test for COVID-19 is 'not nice but it's the obvious thing to do,' says a microbiology professor

Listen to financial expert Peter Schiff explain that it is not a bunch of day traders on Robinhood who are schooling some hedge funds, rather it was other hedge funds who foresaw what was going to happen.

After 440,000 Americans are Dead – Facebook and American Journal of Medicine Admit Their Stand on HCQ was Wrong — These People Should be Prosecuted!

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